Say It With Letters

One of the most thoughtful and unique gift

Our favourite recent discovery are Helen’s 3D letters, call them sculptures.

Just imagine the endless fun you can have with personalising a favourite word or initial for you or a loved one as a surprise present.

Helen will let her vivid imagination take over and decorate the word or single letter of your choice with all your favourite things in life, the result is mind blowing. One of a kind and something one has never seen before, the ultimate gift really!

She has also done numbers for birthdays…if you are ready to disclose your age unlike Michelle!!! Your children’s names or words like “PLAY”,” FUN” will illuminate their bedroom walls….Initials can also be a great wedding present or why not LOVE or JOY.

Any of her work can either be in 3D (from £1000) depending on size and requirements or in prints, which come at a lower price (from £100 + frame).

Ring her to have fun with the alphabet.


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