Exotic Leather Accessories

Timeless elegance

The epitome of elegance is the highest quality exotic leather accessories and handbags in the colour or combination of colours of your choice. Lets call it bespoke.

Thanks to a South African friend with great taste, I discovered this South African brand of the highest quality exotic skin handbags and accessories.

Cape Cobra has been manufacturing these timeless elegant leather handbags and accessories since 1972. It is their vision that following their lead, all exotic leather skins globally be humanely farmed and responsibly sourced to ensure the sustainability of international trade of wildlife animals.
Their standards are extraordinarily high.They look at every little detail and things that people wouldn’t even think to look for or see. It takes thousands of hours of practiced skill to perfect the techniques of traditional craft required to produce a unique Cape Cobra handbag and leather accessories creation. They also manufacture for leading brands like Oscar de la Renta,Tiffany, Chloe, Lambertson Truex.
Their product category includes a range of handbags, totes, crossbody bags, and clutches. They also have wallets, belts as well as a whole range of men’s accessories.
Whichever model you like you can order in the skin and colour of your choice.
I personally love the small handbag with the wooden handle, the crossbody featured, and I also love their totes. Also look out for the really cool straps which will add that je ne sais quoi to your bag.

Just email them and they will help you choose.



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