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Chêne Bleu’s multi award-winning, critically acclaimed cuvées are the ultimate über-niche, ‘insiders’ wine, having been been described as a “rising star” poised to “achieve ‘cult’ wine status”.

These couture wines come from a family-owned, single-estate boutique winery, high (550m) up in the Dentelles de Montmirail above Gigondas in the Southern Rhône. Made to the highest organic and biodynamic principles, these small batches of hand-picked, limited-edition wines (only 2000 cases) have been referred to in the press as the world’s first “Super Rhône” (Will Lyons – Wall Street Journal) in reference to the Super Tuscans, because of the decision to go outside the Appellation in order to make the best wines in accordance with the specificities of the terroir. The unusual combination of altitude and location result in rich flavours and textures typical of the Southern Rhône, along with the freshness and finesse more characteristic of the Northern Rhône. All of these unique factors work together to produce vines that flourish and vintages that are completely natural, yet elegant, refined and complex.

A small but feisty winery, Chêne Bleu has rapidly been achieving notoriety in connoisseur circles and although I am not a connoisseur per se, I do like my wine and this one is no exception.

Price starts at £24 for one bottle and goes up depending on the vintage you chose.

Abelard Red: Abélard likes “fur”, pairing well with roasts, like venison and beef, and slow-roasted vegetables. It’s also a great match for spicy foods and flavorful cheeses, such as Roquefort and Stilton. Decant for several hours and serve at room temperature or slightly cooler. Ageing potential: 25-30 years.
Heloise Red: Refined, with unwavering elegance, this Syrah blend is named after the brilliant and beautiful Héloïse d’Argenteuil for its balance of concentration, restraint and ripe, supple texture. This fine Syrah blends beautifully with the highly perfumed old-vine Grenache but also blossoms with the floral notes of the high-altitude white variety Roussanne, bringing Héloïse stylistically closer to her cousins in the Northern Rhône.
Astralabe Red: In real life, Astralabe was the son of famous medieval lovers Héloïse and Abélard, who gave their names to Chêne Bleu’s twin flagship reds. This cuvée, younger in age and in spirit than its complex collectible “parents,” is a vibrant yet easy-drinking Grenache-Syrah blend.
Aliot White: A blend of Roussanne complemented by Grenache Blanc and Marsanne, Aliot is perfumed and powerful. Its rich concentration of fruit and dense structure make it an ideal candidate for oak-aging creating a true vin-de-garde. Its complexity, exotic aromatics and long aging potential have made Aliot an award-winning wine since its inaugural vintage.
Viognier White: As grapes go, Viognier is more finicky than most. Too much sun sends the aromatics into overdrive, while too little can yield wines nearly devoid of character. But owing to the altitude of the property and extreme diurnal range, Chêne Bleu is able to thread the needle, crafting a wine with voluptuous texture, fresh acidity and beguiling aromas of flowers and honey. Indeed, a veritable ‘tip of the hat’ to the Viogniers of the Northern Rhône.
Le Rosé: Chêne Bleu’s Rosé is produced with the utmost respect for both the environment and the consumer. Old-vine Grenache blended with Syrah, Cinsault and a dash of Mourvèdre and Vermentino are gently pressed, fermented for 3 weeks at low temperatures, then fined using organic green pea powder, making this a vegan-friendly wine for the 21st century. Its rich texture and complexity, long finish and ageability make this a rosé that is designed to pair with food all throughout the year.

Highly recommended as a really unique gift to give to your favourite people, come on be an insider!


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