Delicious Broth

£5.99 Per bottle of 250ml

Delicious and nourishing as a light lunch

Bone and Broth as a warm broth drink is delicious and nourishing and perfect to have for a light but nourishing lunch on the go. Believe it or not it can also be used as part of a detox programme.

The lovely Jennifer has created, with her team of specialists, healthy and nourishing bone and vegetable broths as part of a w(holistic) life style. They believe in nourishing the whole person from the inside out. Their broth recipes are a real fusion of cultures, traditions and cooking techniques. The beef and chicken bones are carefully selected from British organic farms, and the culinary and medicinal herbs are from East Asia to give the broths extra health benefits. Each recipe has been developed by their macrobiotic food specialist who cooked for Zen Buddhist monks for over 20 years. Each vegetable and herb is added to enhance particular health benefits such as reducing inflammation and cleansing the liver. The broths are full of collagen proteins, amino acids and minerals that are vital to a healthy body.

The broths are delivered to your home or office as a brew with healthy add-ins to customize each cup. They are free from sugar, salt and gluten. The difficult bit is choosing between vegetable, chicken and beef , they are all equally yummy!

I love them and my favourite choice is the energising package, so I can freeze them and use them at any time. They are perfect for lunch by your desk or as a basis for your soups…

Bone and Broth Prices start at £60 for the energising package which include five 250mg bottles of Beef and Chicken flavour. It sounds like a large quantity to order, but it goes very quickly when you get hooked to it and drink it as an alternative to tea or coffee! If you don’t want such a large quantity you can buy by the bottle at £5.99 per bottle.

Enter code AEHEALTH at checkout once you are on their website to get 10% off your your order.


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