Spectacle Performance Skincare

£76.00 per tube of 36.5ml

Simplify your skincare routine

What I love about this new skincare is its multitasking performance. The Spectacle Performance Crème boasts a formula that hydrates, smooths and soothes with a beautiful primer-like consistency that effortlessly simplifies your skin care ritual by tackling multiple skin concerns at once.I have been using it for a few weeks now

Spectacle Performance Crème is a multitasking moisturizer for all seasons and settings. Tested in the deserts of New Mexico and the streets of London, the formula brings multiple results: hydration, radiance, smoothing and soothing. Its unique hybrid gel/creme texture has a primer-like quality and lays and plays exceptionally well under sunscreens and foundations. Fitting seamlessly into any daily beauty routine, it is packaged in mindful, next-generation materials that are far kinder to the Earth than traditional plastics.
Spectacle Performance Crème is fragrance-free, as they believe perfumes and essential oils, so commonly found in a wide array of cosmetic skincare, are inflammatory and hugely counterproductive to skin health, as the first cause of skin/cell ageing is inflammation.

This cream addresses dehydration, dullness and inflammation by using a formula combining hyaluronic acid, a unique peptide complex, a form of stabilized retinal, bio-fermented squalane, copper amino acids and more. This formula encourages collagen and elastin production which in turn makes our skin look fresher and and toned. I can vouch for that. And so do Skincare and cosmetic experts like Dr Kersh, Dr Nyla Raja.

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  1. Alice (verified owner)

    My go to cream for protection in the wind and rain. I lead a very sporty outdoor life but occasionally have to brush up and this cream keeps my face dewy, particularly in the crows feet eye area. It is the absolute best of anything similar in the market. In a league of its own. Much better than the famous 8 hour cream!

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