Alleven Total Body Serum

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Body Serum which works.

Alleven Total Body serum is another genius body product carefully concocted by Celia Venturi, the amazing lady behind the revolutionary Alleven skincare brand.
TOTAL BODY SERUM is a comprehensive solution designed as a true cosmetic elixir; its formula combines active ingredients that diminish the appearance of orange-peel skin, help eliminate fluids and firm the silhouette. This serum also incorporates an innovative release system known as “lamellar emulsion” that mimics the organization of the skin’s natural lipids and ensures the optimal absorption of the ingredients to release them effectively and precisely where the skin needs it the most.

The active ingredients in the formulation include a toning peptide concentrate biotechnologically obtained from a microorganism from a marine algae in the Bermuda Islands. It also includes an agent with a double slimming plus smoothing action produced by a bacteria in plankton. In addition, this powerful cocktail contains a biomimetic tetrapeptide that provides a draining effect to prevent fluid retention and finally an emollient derived from lactic acid which renews and softens the skin’s appearance.

Alleven Total Body serum is another product which is now part of my beauty routine, luckily there is a solution to improve skin tone and elasticity on the thighs.
It comes in a 200 ml size bottle with a pump.
As we really think you should try this body serum this Summer, we are offering you 10% off.


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