Bathroom Accessories – Really Elegant


These beautiful wooden bathroom accessories give a new dimension to luxury homeware

Pretty bathroom accessories are not easy to find; So I was really happy when Deanne decided to create this really elegant bathroom accessories line.

She really thought of all the useful accessories to make your bathroom look pretty and uncluttered. The bin (small and big), tissue box, and brushes box are all part of this really chic line; items can be bought separately.

The bathroom accessories set can be completed with a mini organiser tray in a matching wood.

There are 6 different choices of wood varying in prices based on rarity of the wood; dark ebony, warm walnut, smoked oak, Japanese Tamo Ash, Russian Birch, Mexican Zizicote.

Prices for the whole set vary from £350 for the first 3 types of wood and £1,050 for the last 3 ones, all the accessories can be bought separately if you prefer and the prices start at £80.

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