Crystal Bowl With A Message

£45.00 13 cm bowl Thank you or I love you

The crystal bowl can be personalised with a message of your choice

These crystal bowls are a really thoughtful gift as you can engrave any message on the bowl or a name, a favourite quote, you pick it.

Both made of crystal with the engraved message encircling the rim, they come in 2 sizes: small (13 cm) or large (19cm), they also come with a silver rim to make it extra luxurious.

The small crystal bowl costs £45 and the large one £110. An elegant way to say your heartfelt message and with the silver rim they create the wow effect that a good present deserve!!

The silver rimmed ones come in 3 sizes; 13cm £195.00; 19cm £275.00; 23cm £325.00.

Have fun thinking of your message.


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