Hand Block Printed Bedcovers and Tablecloth

The Most Magnificent Bedcovers

Speronella Marsh dedication to collecting vintage sheets and fabrics has been longstanding. This can also be said for her interest in style and design.

As an Italian who grew up in Rome, a city well known for both its antiquity and vibrancy as well as its awe-inspiring art, her early experiences have proved essential to her work as an artist and a designer. What she has endeavoured to achieve in her work is a combination of Italian and English style.

When she moved to the English countryside, her enthusiasm for gardening and nature really began to develop. Her obsession with the garden was not the plants themselves, but the forms they created. To this day, natural shapes and plant forms play a very important part in her designs.

At the Chelsea Physic Garden’s natural printing course, she learnt the basic printing methods which focused on creating prints using nature – leaves, branches and ferns straight from the garden. Thats how she started to create fabrics with block printing.

She has created several patterns in several colours which are being printed on linen vintage sheets which become magnificent bedcovers.
The average bedcover size is 285cm long and 180cm wide, either linen or cotton; they can be smaller or larger.
The process takes an average of 2 weeks and depending how busy speronella is, the order delivery can take up to 10 weeks.
Price is £300 for an average size bedcover.
Please call or email Speronella, she will be delighted to make one for you. Any of those vintage sheet can also be used for upholstery or curtains, blinds. The you speak to her she will explain it all.


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