Marie Daage Tableware

The haute couture of tableware

For 25 years Marie Daage has continued the traditions of her trade with a savoir-faire about luxury that is uniquely French. One of the first modern designers to combine contrasting designs and colors within a table setting, Marie’s fusion of pattern and color unify her signature style – a melding of stripes, florals and figurative scenes. Humorous and quirky, or subtle and sumptuous, her designs evoke the art and style of French living, richly conveyed by the fluidity and translucence of hand painting.
Marie’s design aesthetic reflects the cultural imperative to create special atmospheres – whether at home or in a public place. Beautifully made and never out of style the designs have sense of permanence and cachet that cannot be replicated in high-volume production environments.

Underlying her design philosophy is the concept of ‘possibilities’. Like a wardrobe staple, the ‘little black dress’ new excitement is created at the table by changing just a plate or cup. The table is a reflection of who you are Marie says – it’s like your friend. Dress it tastefully as you would yourself– and create an environment that invites you to dine!

Made exclusively of Limoges porcelain, the collections are some of the last to be painted entirely by hand. Painters are personally trained by Marie in a light and fluid style reminiscent of water color painting. Chosen with particular abilities, a painter must have good interpretive skills as well as painting ability she says. Some have great talent for painting leaves and flowers, while others excel creating figures or patterns. All are from families in Limoges that have painted for generations using traditional methods of painting developed in the 18th century.

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