Silver Alms Dish

£185.00 Silver plate Alms Dish

Perfect gift to mark an important occasion

This Alms Dish comes in Sterling silver or silver plated, which is great so you can adapt it to your budget.

Alms Dish is a classic offering round tray which has multifunctions nowadays. My children got them as a confirmation present with their names and dates of confirmation engraved and they love it. They are great for keepsakes on their bedside tables.

I also use them as a bottle of wines holders on the table.

They come in several sizes starting at 10 cm diameter then 15,20,25 and 30cm, price starts at £185 for the silver plated one.

I would go for either 10 or 15cm and of course they need to be personalised to make the gift very special.

Go to their website now to order your bespoke one; they come beautifully wrapped in their signature box.


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