Terre De Reves Tableware

£28.00 Dinner Plate

Bring talent to your table.

Terres de Rêves is the dream world of talented ceramist Anita Le Grelle.
In her studio she translates her immense creativity into her Terres de Rêves tableware and homeware line. In natural shades that reference the earth, sky, and ocean, she continues to expand her dream world. Starting from something that she lacks, or as a creative protest against everyday objects that she simply does not find sufficiently attractive or useful, Anita Le Grelle brings ceramics to life. The refined appearance and the different layers of glaze characterise the entire line.

She has created an extensive collection of cups, mugs, plates, bowls and dishes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The imperfections in the multiple glazes of the square, rectangular, oval, and round objects contribute to their ‘earthly’ beauty. The colours reverberate the mountain landscapes, seas, caves, and icebergs of Anita Le Grelle’s dream landscape.

I love this line as it differentiates itself from most tableware I have seen. The purity of the line and the reminiscence of the nature colours are what attracted me to her brand.
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