Amanda de Montal Candy Box


A scented delicacy like no other one

Amanda de Montal candy box is the sweetest and most refined hostess gift or even stocking filler. This is the fragrant version of the bonbon.

A small precious box containing a swarm of treasures. Simply open this irresistible box and let the scent of citrus, basil and coriander escape . The Holiday scented wax candy box contains fourteen perfumed wax candies, beautifully wrapped in paper. A playful and completely new way to always have your favorite scents with you and to travel “olfacfively” to Gascony. Chocolate, Armagnac, spice; they are scented delicacies to offer, to share, to decorate a table with , to slip in one’s bag, drawer, suitcase or in the car. Keep wrapped!


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