Edeenne-The Master of High Jewellery

Jewels that are true works of art

“Édéenne’s High Jewellery work is steeped in the history of art. She sculpts jewels like portraits, taking inspiration from Old Masters who used symbols and objects to distil the personality and mystery of their sitter. Her pieces, which often push towards new ways of wearing jewellery, will fascinate jewellery and art lovers alike”.is a very inspiring description of Edeenne talent by the international head of Sotheby’s Global jewellery and watches.
Because of Edeenne growing recognition, the value of her Jewels has already increased. Coupled with stones of excellent qualities, selected to present investment opportunities, a jewel by Édéenne is a sound investment.
Édéenne makes jewels that are true works of art and have been exhibited in major art museums. Her jewels can be nested not inside boxes but inside sculptural paintings: amazing works of art that both hold the jewels and can be displayed on walls, to be enjoyed everyday.
Édéenne transforms your life into works of art
— She works like no other jeweller. Édéenne is an artist with a gift to reach a true level of intimacy with their commissioners : she listens carefully to your life, values, stories and turns them into a stunning jewel.
— Beyond bespoke: unique works of art, tribute to what is unique about you.
Édéenne acts in greatest discretion and can only be met by invitation. Because I know her personally, I can introduce you to her.
— She works like the great jewellers of the Grand Siècle, she has no shop and will never have. She only meets customers in her hidden atelier, at their place or through mutual connections, so our meeting is an exceptional opportunity. She is warm, friendly and charismatic, so meeting her will be exciting and fun.
I spent 2 extraordinary hours with her, discovering her journey and above all her incredible talent. If you have a bespoke piece of jewellery to make to celebrate a special occasion she is definitely the go to person. She also has a few ready made rings and earrings like the Quatuor butterflies ring which I have an eye on.
For more info on bespoke pieces please email Brigitte Renard using the email button below, she will connect you with Edeenne.


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