Personalised Jewellery by Sibylle de Baynast

£542.00 heraldic medaillon

Hand engraved personalised jewellery range

True luxury is about individuality and personalisation and talented French jeweller Sibylle de Baynast conveys it wonderfully in her collection. She has been making gold and silver hand engraved and gem jewellery for the past 10 years.

French born, London based, but a globetrotter at heart, she has lived in many countries, from North America to South Pacific, and discovered jewellery techniques, materials and cultures that are a constant source of inspiration.

Sibylle works with London’s best craftsmen and women at the heart of London’s Jewellery district to bring her designs to life. She created really cool designs like the pendant heart collection, the multi rings worn as pendants or rings, cool bracelets with lots of small medals. Any stone can be added to make it even more special.

The signature pieces are soft matt handmade and engraved pendants. Engraving by hand is an ancient skill unchanged for hundreds of years that gives a true sense of uniqueness. Precious gemstones and diamonds add a touch of natural elegance. I asked her to make a medallion with the engraving of our family crest and it came out beautifully and cool enough for my son’s 18th birthday

Her pieces are often “one of a kind” and make perfect lifelong treasured gifts, like the medallion I commissioned.

Call or Email her now, she will be delighted to discuss with you any specific projects you might have.


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