Design Candles by Charmian

Try the massage oil candle.

I love the aromatherapy candles designed by Charmian. They smell delicious, they are beautifully packaged and make the perfect present.

She has created several interesting smells to choose from including tomato and basil, grapefruit and cedar, apple and crumble. Her really special one is the massage oil aromatherapy candle, I love dipping our fingers in the oil, it makes a great moisturiser for your hands and it smells good! Bizarrely, it doesn’t burn your fingers!!!

Her latest creation are the diffusers in beautiful bottles, not only the Rosemary and Bay combined scent is divine but the bottle is beautiful to keep once the diffuser is empty.

All her candles are handmade by a small artisan in Sussex.

She also has designed this beautiful bunch of the most perfect roses in a hat box, it is the perfect thank you gift which can be delivered anywhere in London.

When ordering, insert AE in the discount code box to get 50% off delivery.


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