Anti ageing supplement extraordinaire

£79.00 per month supply

Finally an easy anti ageing routine-Enter LUMITYAE to get 50% off the first month supply of the auto replenish programme.

I have been trying so many different anti ageing supplement; bought so many bottles of anti oxidants pills, anti-inflammatory pills and many others which would end up unconsumed on the breakfast tray!

This new anti ageing supplement changed it all for me. First of all it is really easy routine to follow, 3 pills in the morning and 3 at night, all packed in a really nice bottle.

Lumity is the first anti ageing method to work on all NINE causes of ageing, it’s a SKINSIDE out product that really works and the science is there to back it up.
LUMITY supports and enhances your body’s tendency towards health and youth over inefficiency and ageing, rather than trying to correct or change how the body functions or unbalancing the complex health of the body’s interconnected systems.

You take 3 pills in the morning which works on your energy and skin, hair and nails and 3 pills at night which helps with a restorative sleep and works on all the repair your body needs. The Lumity journey is a very personal journey. Some people immediately see an improvement in sleep and energy (some see this from week 1 but most people need a month). For others it will be their strength and stamina that will be improved.

It was put together after many years of research by Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD, research scientist and Cambridge University graduate, was moved to solve the age-old question: How can we grow older and wiser yet retain the energy and radiance of our youth? Is it possible to blossom and thrive as we mature?

I am in my third month trial and I do feel much more energetic and definitely sleep very soundly.



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