Flower Arrangements by Samantha Davis

Samantha will create the most enchanting flower decoration

I spotted the most beautiful flower arrangement at a friend’s Art opening party, it was the florist Samantha Davis masterpiece!

Samantha realised she had a passion for creating flower arrangements and designs with interesting foliage’s, so she went to study at the Welsh College of Horticulture were she successfully completed her training and has been a professional florist for over 25 years.
Moving to London she worked for the talented florist Moyses Stevens, in London and Palm Beach. On her return she freelanced for a number of top florists including the guru of the florist industry Kenneth Turner were she travelled the world on numerous high profile events, worked on government hospitality in London and royal weddings at Windsor Castle and Hampton Court.
Samantha now takes her vast wealth of knowledge to her own floral business, based in South London concentrating on weekly contracts wedding, parties, corporate events. Her experience working all over the world with high profile client’s luxury brands and party planners, has given her a vast understanding with budgets large or small, whilst maintaining the ability to always push the boundaries and create elements of drama.

She provides a bespoke contract service, weekly or on a flexible basis to suit each client’s needs, providing flowers designed distinctly for each private household or businesses taking into account the interior surroundings of each individual establishment. She has an extensive range of unusual vases and containers on offer to you from clear glass, contemporary black, chic white, cool lime green and
funky purple the list is endless.
The beautiful fresh flowers arranged personally for you every week will be delivered straight to your door, at an affordable price.

She is equally talented at floral decorations for specialist events, private parties and intimate dinners, however small or large.

Dried flowers are part of the sustainable effort and she is excellent at producing beautiful ones.

Samantha and her floral team will transform your venue into your chosen theme, from an enchanted garden, to a tropical island.

Call her now for advice, she is fabulous and reasonably priced like all the AE services.


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