£85.00 Per Treatment

By far the best reflexology treatment I have had in a long time.

This will be a very special hour just dedicated to your physical and emotional wellbeing. A very caring girl friend sent me, the talented reflexology practitioner Matt to relieve tension and stress, and it did! I felt so much lighter and calmer after the session; I will definitely carry on having regular ones.
Matt’s unique reflexology practice brings together the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human being into one complete healing process.
Reflexology has helped many people suffering from physical pain and other imbalances, ranging from chronic fatigue and cancer symptoms to emotional fragility, anxiety and depression. This technique has profound benefits for people of all ages and genders and is suitable for everyone, regardless of their beliefs or approach to life.
The aim of reflexology treatment is to address the core health issues held in the body and mind, to bring about healing, a state of relaxation, self-awareness, love, acceptance and joy.

Matt is driven to help people reconnect to the true meaning of physical and emotional health. Pursuing multiple and distinct paths in his own life has helped him integrate his work’s purpose and scope with reflexology at the core of his practice. Matt is currently training as an osteopath at The London School of Osteopathy.

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Not sure if reflexology is for you? You can ask Matt any questions you may have before booking your appointment by contacting Matt via Almost Essential.

5 reviews for Reflexology

  1. Bia Nasr

    After a treatment with Matt you are walking on clouds. It’s so relaxing for me, I often fall asleep by the end of the treatment.

  2. Pam aoun

    Matt is an amazing practitioner. His treatments are pure bliss. His approach is unlike any other, leaving his clients restored and relaxed every time. I am so happy to know Matt and look forward to every session.

  3. Christine du Fretay


  4. Carla Bamberger

    Reflexology is one of my favourite treatments as it fully addresses the whole body and energy field without feeling invasive. Matt is one of the very best practitioners I have experienced. During the sessions I drift off to a half-sleep which is deeply relaxing and healing. Afterwards I feel highly energised. I can feel my feet tingling and alive. I feel grounded. Matt is amazing.

  5. Victoria

    Matt completely resets your body and your head. I could not recommend him more enthusiastically, I have always enjoyed reflexology and he is by far the best practitioner I have met. I always leave the session relaxed and energized.

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