Knives Sharpening

£69.00 for 8 knives

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Do you find it difficult to carve the Sunday roast beef properly or cutting tomatoes in clean slices is like mission impossible…? You need a knives sharpening service.

The solution is Daniel, he knows everything about kitchen knives; he comes with his portable machine to your house to sharpen these dull knives. He can also repair nicks, chips and broken tips at no extra cost. No knives will resist him, he can sharpen Henckels, Global, Wusthof, Mac,  Shun, Sabatier, Victorinox, IO Shen etc

It takes 2 minutes per knives and he charges £69 for a minimum of 8 knives, any additional ones are £5.50 each. He leaves you a little surprise present at the end of the session; such a friendly service!

He is also giving Almost Essential a 15% discount; Click on “book an appointment” and insert Almost Essential in the promo box to get your 15% discount.

I love these type of services which are a revival of the past…Do you remember the man pushing his cart and shouting to let the street know he was there?

Well, now you book him online…


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