Alastair, Computer and IT Expert

£75.00 per hour

All your computer problems solved!

Computer and IT are great when they work but are so frustrating when they don’t…Luckily there is Alastair, the computer and IT expert, who can come to the rescue anywhere in London.

He is just brilliant at sorting out all PC and IT problems (Mac and Microsoft). He makes himself available quickly, works fast and is very charming as well.

If you run a small business he can set all your IT up; as well as upgrading or optimising  your existing one.

I don’t know what I would do without Alastair… Neither do his clients if you read the reviews below.

£75 for the fist hour and then £60 per hour.

4 reviews for Alastair, Computer and IT Expert

  1. Maria

    Although a nice and friendly guy, Alistair spent a lot of time and at the end of the 2 hours he spent with me none of my problems were resolved. When he left I felt that I had no clue as to what he had actually done.

  2. Livia

    Alastair is a competent, focussed on problem solving IT expert. Precise, available, he is never happy until he solves the client’s issue.

  3. Anne

    Alistair is a very friendly, approachable computer expert. He not only sorted out my printer problem, he also very patiently showed me what to do if it happens again in the future and made good suggestions for alternative solutions. Anne

  4. Alexandra Delp

    I contacted Alastair Penny via email and he responded within a few hours. We very quickly agreed to a mutually convenient time. When he arrived, he was spot on time and very respectful of my space. He was not able to resolve the fundamental incompatibility between my device and my WiFi, but it was not for lack of trying. When it became clear that my device was not going to work, Alistair gave me excellent advice as to how to resolve the incompatibility by other means.

    Alistair was polite, thoughtful and very knowledgable; I was most grateful to find him through your service.

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