Restore Your Paintings With Angelica

You can entrust Angelica and her studio with your most valuable pieces.

Visiting Angelica and her team in their studio is such a treat. It is so peaceful and secluded in a little craftsmen community where she always works on amazing pieces. Her studio provides specialist knowledge in conserving and restoring paintings and fine art.

Each piece undergoes accurate technical and art historical examination in order to determine the right treatment and to help clients with attribution and dating. Her expertise is equally shared between Old Masters, Modern and Contemporary art.

They are constantly researching and training to keep update with the latest techniques and materials in restoration. Every object has its own history according to different age, colours, medium, support and condition. Their task is to recompose a dazzling puzzle and to help determine and often increase the value of the paintings.

Other services include: Goods storage facilities/Condition reports and estimate prior to sale/Collections surveys/Advice on environmental control, insurance, shipping, framing and hanging of paintings/Independent reports for authentication and attribution, commissioned from outside international experts

Their clients include private and public institutions, International Art Fairs, Art galleries, leading Auction houses, Art dealers and private collectors.




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