New Year, New You

Issued : December 2019

A New Year, New You …

The New Year beckons and perhaps it’s time to take stock of your lifestyle and wellbeing? Almost Essential’s Founder, Michelle de Biolley delves into her vault of expertise and knowledge, and brings together recommendations and clever solutions to get you to where you want to be for 2020.

The Almost Essential Lifestyle Management service is sure to help with all manner of life fixes. Michelle comments:

“My aim is to make your life a little bit smoother with absolutely anything you need done in your day-to-day life. I want to enable my clients to optimise their free time, so they can spend more quality time on the things that matter the most in their lives. Children, family, friends, those cultural exploits you never get around to doing and perhaps real time for yourself too!”

The service covers a wide range including PA services, entertaining for business or pleasure, home management solutions, beauty and wellbeing, art curation, interior design and life optimisation services from travel itineraries, education, home care and gift buying and anything in between. Michelle will open up her ‘black book’ of trade secrets to lend your life an extra bonus.

Fees are dependent on the complexity of the task or how often you use the service. Michelle can either be retained at an hourly rate of £75 or there is the option of a package of ten hours at £700 to be used over a three-month period maximum, which represents excellent value. Call on 07788 140370 or email: to gain access to a whole new world of sensible lifestyle solutions.

Moving with the times …

2020 maybe the time you choose to move home. It’s a challenging market out there at the moment so any steps you can take to enhance your house selling opportunities and achieve the right price will be a boon! Michelle has discovered a superb Home Styling service, which plays to the mantra ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’. Staging a house ready for sale is a job you can hand over to Kate Haynes of EHG. Her masterful attention to detail and down to earth guidance has helped many clients convert potential buyers into new homeowners. EHG has a laid-back approach to luxury, working with clients to maximise the natural potential of the property with internationally sourced furniture pieces and accessories. One of the obstacles to buyers when they view property is visualising how they could live in the space. Home Styling by EHG takes the pressure off and brings a calm, chic aesthetic to every part of the home. Clever tricks and help with de-cluttering bring a fresh new spirit to spaces and enable potential buyers to see the home as it really can be. EHG will also store your personal possessions whilst your home is being marketed to give that extra layer of confidence that your most treasured items, whilst not quite the right look for the home in order to sell, are there for you to place in your next property. Working with EHG can literally be a life changer …

A fresh start …

Christmas is over and all the entertaining and living has taken its toll on your home. Time to de-clutter and give your home a face-lift. It can be a minefield to find the right sources to help in this endeavour. Michelle has deep experience in finding the right people to help you reveal a new look for your home.

Amelia is a de-cluttering expert using the art of Feng Shui. Sounds fantastical, but it really works to help unravel a busy bustling home that can sometimes overwhelm you.
Amelia focuses on the importance of de-cluttering space, she will find your most favourable directions within the home and examine the floor plan, finding remedies to balance the energy and maximise the feeling of wellbeing. Discover a new way to live your space …

Clean slate …

There is nothing as satisfying than a clean and sparkling home, and once you have de-cluttered, it’s time to turn your attentions to creating an orderly, calm and spotless environment that will further aid the enjoyment of your home. Michelle’s pick is James’ company, he is her go-to guy for everything from deep clean solutions to cleaning upholstery, carpets and rugs and refreshing those well-used areas like kitchens and bathrooms. James can also deal with your external areas too, pressure washing terraces and paved areas and cleaning conservatories and orangeries too. No job is too big.

Time for you in 2020

Michelle was introduced to Sarah who has a degree in sports rehabilitation by Conde Nast beauty editor, Olivia Falcon and has not looked back. Sarah gives a truly amazing deep tissue massage. Her nimble fingers are assured at untying the knots and leaving you serene and relaxed ready for a new beginning. Her base is predominantly in West and South West London. Fees are £120 per hour. She is in London on Monday and Wednesday each week.

Michelle found The Pilates Studio some years ago, observing the classic rules of Joseph Pilates and set within a beautiful conservatory in Ransomes Dock and with wonderful natural light, a session is sure to set you on the right road to a sense of wellbeing. There is a choice of group classes or one-to-one sessions. Prices start at £30 per class depending on the type of class chosen.

Detox, de-stress and delight …

…It all begins with diet and nutrition; get that sorted and you are on a journey of renewed vigour and wellness. Dr. Filip Koidis is a specialist clinical nutritionist and dietician, and a pioneer in the field of safe weight management. He has a global clientele who seek his guidance to live a healthier lifestyle based around proper nutrition. He is also a leading media commentator on finding mindful solutions to nutrition and the development of good eating habits and diet. For further information about Dr Filip’s services please visit Almost Essential.

Reflecting on reflexology

Take an hour of your hectic schedule in the spring to escape and discover a higher level of physical and emotional wellbeing through the expert touch of Matt’s Reflexology session. Matt’s skills encompass bringing together the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person to deliver a complete healing process. Matt can be contacted via Almost Essential website. Begin your pathway to a calmer you.

If following a healthy regime can be a little daunting and journeying to spaces and places is not your thing. Than choose Pilates at home with Nadine. She is an excellent teacher and can create a tailor made programme for you. From improving overall fitness with hard-core exercises using TRX or lighter sessions if you are seeking just to increase flexibility or heal an existing injury. And all brought to you in the comfort of your own home.

Make it personal …

Having a home and outdoor personal trainer may seem like an indulgence or even a luxury, but be assured that a regular regime of personal training can be the gateway to a healthier, fitter, happier you. Michelle has been using the services of Michael for several years and she is living proof of a trim elegant figure and an enhanced sense of wellbeing. If you’re seeking a one-to-one tailored approach to your fitness and health targets for 2020 than look no further than Michael. From bespoke workout plans, great motivation and even tailored nutritional support for your goals, this could be the beginning of a new you. Why not start with a complimentary taster session ‘Motivate Me’, designed to ease you in gently and help get you in the groove or improved fitness. This gives you an opportunity to try before you buy and will help you understand your own fitness challenges and meet your trainer to ensure he is a good match for you. Sessions begin at £70 and there are three packages to choose from. Contact Michael through Almost Essential.

The face fix may have arrived …

How to age gracefully and find a way to retain a youthful glow has long been the subject of debate in the beauty industry. Michelle has tried many different lotions, potions, anti-oxidants even, anti-inflammatory pills in the search for the nirvana to beautiful youthful skin and a product that does what it says on the ‘tin’. This year Michelle discovered Lumity supplements and skincare and believes this regime is really working in ways that other brands just haven’t delivered. The brainchild of Cambridge University graduate and PhD research scientist, Sara Palmer. She posed the question that is on the lips of women the world over: “How can we grow older and wiser and still retain the energy and radiance of our salad days?” Enter Lumity. A three-month course will set you on the right path, combine this with Lumity’s new skin cleansing botanical balm and nourishing face oil for a holistic treatment to younger, happier skin.

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