Coloured Silver Plated Capri Tumbler

£135.00 per tumbler

Really cool addition to your table or bar tray.

These silver plated tumblers are made in Italy in a workshop of highly skilled silversmiths devoted to the crafting of decorative household objects in silver, silver-plate and fine metal alloys. Their products are distinguished by a sophisticated blend of innovative design and unparalleled workmanship. At the foundation of their philosophy is the steadfast tradition of handcrafting every single item in their production line, combined with the high sense of style the world has come to expect from Italian design

I love this stylish tumbler where the value and rigor of the silver are mixed with the freshness and grit of the colored enamels. There are 6 beautiful and vibrant colours to choose from, which gives you the flexibility of choice depending on the time of the year.
They will look great either as a water tumbler on your table or as a cocktail tumbler on your bar tray.

Size: 10 cm high
Colours: Green, Blue, Turquoise, Yellow, Orange and Red.
Silver plated tumbler with a hammered cold-enamelled finish on the exterior.
There is a wide range of enamel colours available including Red, Green. Blue, Orange, Turquoise and Yellow.
Some of the colours might need to be ordered, timing is 3 weeks maximum.

They are all on order, minimum order of 2. I would recommend you mix and match the colours, it is more fun. Matching colours is cool too of course.

Watch a video here


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