Corporate Gifts-Low End

Drink or Shine?

Our Laser Etched Insulated Bottle is the perfect corporate gift for sporting events, bonding sessions or conferences.
Laser etching takes away the powder coated top layer that gives the bottle its colour, revealing the stainless steel core. This results in a permanent design with a metallic silver finish. We find that names work best vertically and initials or shape monograms work best horizontally.
The bottle is made of 100% stainless steel with a matte powder coat finish. It is dishwasher safe and will not leach smells or tastes in to your water. Comes in white, grey, turquoise blue, orange and pink.
The bottle holds 500ml and will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold all day, no matter the outside temperature. we also have larger bottle holding 1000ml

Contact us on here about etching bespoke designs like corporate logos, family crests, motifs and more. £25 per bottle + cost of engraving.

We also love the silver plated star paperweight which never fails to be a big success. I still have mine from my corporate days.
This silver plated star paperweight measures 9.8cm across and is the perfect way to recognise hard work. The smooth surface engraves perfectly with messages, logos or names to create a truly unique and personal desk accessory.
£29.40 per star, for engraving quotes call us or email us via the contact buttons.

For more corporate gifts suggestions at a low end price send us an email or call us by clicking  on the email or call us buttons.


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