Iconic Dresses by Catherine Prevost

£850.00 Dress

Dress up or down

Catherine Prevost is a super elegant fashion brand for the ladies with flair. Having always been known as a jewellery designer, Catherine had a successful shop on Walton street for a decade, which was the go to destination for the international jet-set. Her brand gives you the complete look: dress and jewellery which you see in situ at her beautiful shop on Sloane Street, mention you are a friend of AE when you visit them.

With strong vision in mind, the ethos of Catherine Prevost is very much about timeless, chic, elegance, and glamour. Her clothes embrace a femininity that is empowering to women. With their long flowy sleeves and midi skirt length, they are right on trend for the new modern modesty. Catherine understands her clients because she shares their lifestyle. Unlike other designers, she designs jewellery, clothing and accessories year-round for the needs of her clients, and make it season-less. The beauty of her collection is that you will always look effortlessly chic. Her dresses are great to wear morning to evening, in town or on holidays.

Her collection is made locally in the UK. Both the fabric and the tailoring are all done close to London, because Catherine values English craftsmanship and sustainable fashion. She recognises the trend away from fast fashion. The production is small to create minimum waste, that is to reinforce her belief of against mass production.

I have curated a special  selection for you here on Almost Essential, please go to her website to buy them or to see more of the collection. The colours are chic and autumnal… Wearing her dresses put you in a good mood and you feel on top of the world!
Her jewellery is both chic and fun which is my favourite combination for accessories. Her limited edition velvet clutch are a must by the way!

The AE tribe gets 10% off, just insert AE10 at checkout on CP Design website, just click on the button shop the CP collection for access


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