The Biodegradable iPhone Case – ZERO Case

£15.00 per case

Be part of the change

I am excited to share my newest find, ZERO Case, the biodegradable iPhone Case made from bamboo fibre and PBAT!

After reading that 217,712,000 iPhones were sold in 2018, the ZERO Case founder’s knew right away that something needed to be done to reduce the number of plastic iPhone accessories being produced and sold. This is because, if every iPhone buyer bought a case, 217,712,000 pieces of plastic will eventually get thrown away. Thus came the need for ZERO case.

ZERO Case is compostable, biodegradable, eco-friendly and charitable. Plastic can take up to 164,000 days to decompose in landfill, the ZERO Case takes 180 days to biodegrade in industrial composting and will also biodegrade in home composting!
What colour are you choosing for your ZERO Case? I took the black one.

Each colour correspond to a charity which will receive 25% of the sale.

Go to the website for more info but order is via Almost Essential, just email your order and we will deal with it.

Comes in white, yellow, light blue, light green and black.

Not available for iPhone 14.



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