Amanda de Montal Fragrances

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10% off to discover her magic world of home fragrances

Amanda de Montal is originally from Gascoigne in France and has created this line of fragrances to share with us her unconditional love for Gascony and unshaken enthusiasm and passion for scents.
Amanda’s personality is reflected in each candle, which offers a gateway to her world. From the Gascon land, it has authenticity, generosity and a touch of extravagance. Through each fragrance she whispers a memory in your ear so that you can make it yours, creating a bond between you and her.

Her enthusiasm and zest for life is contagious and you are immediately drawn into her magic world of scents in Gascony.
She has produced 5 categories of fragrances; woody, floral, sweet, fruity and spicy. You will find these 5 scent categories across her 3 main products; Candles, Diffusers and Mists. All her products are of amazing quality with a powerful smell; My diffuser embalms the whole house with a lovely smell.
I also love the candles vessel, blown by master glassmakers and hand-polished in the South of France, their candle glass contains thousands of bubbles which allow the candle’s flame to glitter like a crystal.

She has recently come up with her very popular candy box which contains eleven perfumed wax candies, beautifully wrapped in paper. A playful and completely new way to discover the different interior fragrances of the Amanda de Montal collection. Scented delicacies to offer, to share, to decorate a table with , to slip in one’s bag, suitcase or in the car. Keep wrapped!
Her new outdoor candles are a must for our terraces or gardens.

Go to her website now to discover her magic world and to celebrate our partnership, Amanda is giving 10% off to the AE followers to introduce you to her world. At checkout on her website add code Almostessential10 to get your friendly discount. Also shipping is free when you order more than 75 euros. Enjoy!


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