Classic Jewellery Collection-Augustine Jewels

£450.00 Como Earrings

A classic collection handcrafted in London

Augustine Jewels is a luxury British jewellery designer; They were shortlisted for Jewellery Designer of the Year in 2017 and for Jewellery Brand of the Year in 2019. The ready to wear collections are each inspired by a different luxury destination, where Alexandra, the designer and founder has been to take inspiration from the local colours, senses, shapes and history. She uses unusual coloured semi-precious and precious gemstones to develop each collection. The results are collections that are classic with a contemporary twist; formal, polished and refined. My favourite collections include:

The South Of France Collection; inspired by the sun, sea and sand of the South of France, Alexandra uses citrine to represent the sand and the sun, sky blue topaz to represent the blue skies and the sea, green amethyst to represent the lavender fields and rose and smoky quartz to represent the vivid sunsets. The resulting pastel collection is a feast for the eyes and makes the collection uplifting and sunny. The sky blue topaz ring is often featured in publications and was recently in Hola Magazine.

The Portofino Collection: inspired by a visit for a wedding in Portofino, Alexandra uses emeralds to represent the cyprus trees, blue sapphire to represent the blue Mediterranean sea and her favourite stone morganite to represent the terracotta buildings. The swirling pattern reminds you of the freedom of swimming in the waves on the Italian Riviera.

The Arctic Collection: inspired by the cold waters of the arctic, the collection uses aquamarine and white gold to conjure up a sophisticated and elegant world. Aquamarine has been on everyone’s lips since Prince Harry gave Meghan that huge aquamarine for her wedding night.

The Egyptian Collection: inspired by the gold of Ancient Egypt, these chains and bracelets add a touch of glamour to every outfit. Favoured by Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, they were recently photographed for Hello Magazine.

The Sahara Snakes Collection: inspired by the circling sands of the Sahara, the collection uses black spinel and diamonds to represent the bright shining sun on the desert floor. The snake has always been a symbol of sensuality and femininity.

I love the Como collection, the deep colours of the stones really remind me of the Lake Como scenery colours.
The silver and gold plated bowls with little malachite or garnet or citrine or onyx are a beautiful homeware addition to their collection and come in 3 sizes. They are great celebration gifts like christening or important birthdays.

They have recently created a lifestyle collection with beautiful bowls and handbags.

Go to their website to browse the entire collection and insert code ALMOST to get 10% off.


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