Traditional Joseph Pilates Studio in London

£30.00 per class

Traditional Joseph Pilates teaching in a beautiful conservatory rooftop studio

This Pilates Studio is my favourite studio in London; Pi first opened in 2004 as one of the first classical studios in the Uk and has remained true to this vision ever since. The studio is still located in Battersea, in the beautiful Conservatory in Ransomes Dock, Parkgate Road. When I was first taught pilates by Holly, the founder, I realised that she was probably one of the best Pilates teacher I ever had; her studio which has an outstanding view of London skyline makes the session even more appealing.

At its core, Pilates is a discipline created by Mr. Joseph Pilates; the exercises are built up over time, on the apparatus he designed, whilst holding in true to his intentions and widely held universal principle. As George Balanchine said ‘Pilates is a genius with the body’

Classical Pilates known as The Method is all about core work, stability work and physio. Its success is the sum of its whole, not a given exercise in isolation or work on a single piece of apparatus. ‘The beauty of The Method is in its whole, not in its parts.’ says Holly the founder of Pi.

This is why the training to be a Classical Teacher is lengthy, a minimum of 600 hours apprenticeship. Many hours of self-practice is required to get to the heart of the discipline and then to be able to pass it along effectively. Joseph Pilates’ primary goal was placement, not as a static concept, but as a dynamic movement experience to be practiced over time and carried over into life. Your body can feel all these hours of training and experience after one hour of Holly teaching.

Pilates benefit is truly far ranging, building strength and stamina, increased flexibility, but also better concentration and a sense of well-being.

Holly’s Story
“I have practiced and taught The Method of Joseph Pilates for over 15 years. I run a successful sought after Teacher Training Program. My training began in NYC under the supervision of Romana Kryzanowska, the highly spirited and keeper of the original teaching of Joseph Pilates. She taught me that The Pilates Method is a discipline for the mind and the body, it should always be challenging and done with a smile. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work closely with Bob Liekens developing one of the most thorough, genuine classical teacher trainer programs of The Method in the UK.
I have explored The Method every day in my own body and in that of my clients. I have worked with clients with Multiple Sclerosis, disc issues, with clients prenatally and post-pregnancy, during surgical rehabilitation and many other issues that clients face. In addition, I have worked with celebrities and Royalty. I work closely with top physiotherapists and body workers. I never tire of the profound and universal effect of Pilates and its effects on everyone that passes through the studio.”

Call or Email  now for a consultation on the best way to get you started. They have new client offers on private 1:1 sessions as well as on small group classes as explained on their website; Click on the button at the top. Prices start at £30 per class depending on the type of class you choose.

They are now offering online lessons, check the schedule on their website.



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