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All of us have personal goals – from being more mindful, reducing stress, gaining more confidence, sleeping better and even achieving a goal healthy weight. Whatever they might be, Terrence The Teacher passion is to teach practical empowering methods that help people achieve their goals.

The human mind, body and spirit has an extraordinary capacity for change and growth. Using a combination of Mindfulness Teaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Clinical Hypnotherapy Terrence teaches us how to access our own resources to change. As he puts it”My goal is to empower people, I am only the Teacher, they are the Achievers.”

“The World is like a silent film,
You Write the Script “
– Terrence the Teacher

Terrence impressive journey started in the Health and Fitness Industry as a Personal trainer and Pilates teacher. He soon became very aware of the powerful Mind/Body connection. In 2001 He trained in Neuro-Linguistics, training under the Co-founder of the movement, Dr. Richard Bandler. He qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in the same year, obtaining a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy through The Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.

Mindfulness became part of his personal process after a life-changing health scare. Now Mindfulness Practice, Mindful living and Mindful meditation plays a big role in all he teaches.

He shares his teaching and passion through The Brain Edit, his own Corporate training programme and One on One sessions via Zoom or in person.

For more information contact him via Almost Essential.

I have known Terrence The Teacher for many years when he started training me with Pilates. I have more recently reconnected with him and I am now experiencing his Mindfulness teaching. I have always liked working with Terrence as I appreciate his sincere caring for his pupil. I am also a big believer in scientific based approach in wellbeing and mental health coaching which he is using in his own method.

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  1. Christian

    “Terrence has had a strong impact on me. His way to make you work, his way to understand and listen to his clients, to people in general, warms you, carries you; Terrence for me represents the ideal Teacher.”

    Christian Louboutin

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