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Discreet, expert advice on the world’s top cosmetic procedures and practitioners.

Whenever I have a burning beauty question the first person I speed dial is my friend and trusted beauty expert, Olivia Falcon, who as one of the country’s leading beauty journalists is my go to girl for honest, impartial beauty advice. This month Olivia is opening up her little black book of beauty contacts, gleaned from a 15 year career in the industry, with a innovative new business The Editor’s List, that connects people directly to the world’s top cosmetic surgeons, doctors and health and beauty therapists, often fast tracking through long waiting lists.

As the former beauty director of Tatler and architect of both Tatler’s Cosmetic Surgery Guide and Bride’s Cosmetic Beauty Guide, The Editor’s List covers everything from the latest facelift and body contouring techniques, hormone therapies, laser and injectable treatments to the most effective cures for hair loss, broken veins, or bad British teeth. Depending on how involved you want her to get, Olivia’s services range from a chatty and informative Skype consultation, home visits or bathroom shelf edits (she’ll scrutinize your current product line-up before suggesting and shopping for new, more effective alternatives), to the ultimate hand holding service where she’ll source the best surgeon and chaperone you through the entire procedure from the doctor’s office, to operating theatre and home again offering both moral support and practical advise along the way– her post procedure kits cuts recovery time in half.

Working in a completely transparent way, Olivia does not take any payment from the professionals she suggests and all her recommendations are based on her in depth knowledge of the cosmetic beauty industry and her own personal experience, (she’s personally road tested pretty much every cosmetic treatment going). So if you’re looking in the mirror, scratching your head, not knowing exactly where to begin or hung up on flaw that you’ve wanted to fix forever, look no further, Olivia is the oracle of cosmetic beauty.
Consultations start from £350 or Ask Olivia a question and she will give you the best solution and fast track your appointment (£100).


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