Relationship Coaching and Exclusive Matchmaking

360 degree relationship coaching.

Founded in 2011 by Chartered Psychologist Rachel Vida MacLynn, MacLynn is an award-winning, international and psychology-led matchmaking service that lives for the exceptional. With offices in London, NYC, NJ and LA, they have an unrivalled global network of the most sophisticated and successful single individuals, allowing them to cater to cosmopolitan single people all over the world.

Their team of psychologists are world-leading experts in dating and relationships and aside from working with their matchmaking clients, they also offer specialist support to anyone who wants to achieve a successful relationship outcome through one-on-one coaching, digital masterclasses, consultations, workshops and more. No matter where you are on your relationship journey, they can help.

Whether you’re dating or in a relationship, coaching will help you feel more in control and help you achieve the outcome you want. If you would like to feel more confident when dating or are frustrated by the results you’re getting, their coaches will help work out what might be getting in the way of your progress. If you’re in a relationship and feel trapped, misunderstood or you simply want to make your relationship even better, then they offer the appropriate support.

They offer sessions face-to-face or via video call. Their mission is to help you achieve your individual goals by identifying and addressing any concerns, as well as teaching you strategies to keep your relationship healthy and strong. With early intervention and an emphasis on self-improvement, it can help prevent issues before they arise. If you want to improve anything, whether that be navigating through the world of dating, to taking your relationship to the next level, enhancing intimacy, improving communication and generally staying emotionally healthy.

Maclynn offer the 360 degree solution to all dating and relationship matters; From relationship coaching, to helping you find the right partner to share your life with. In this day and age we are time poor, and despite enhanced communication, many feel isolated and lonely when not in a relationship or indeed the right relationship. My view is that Maclynn is extremely well placed to help you with finding the right partner as well as helping with nurturing an existing relationship.

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