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I was pleased to discover award-winning facialist, Lisa Franklin, who makes skincare magic happen daily at her luxurious private clinic in London’s Knightsbridge. You just need to look at her skin and you are immediately convinced.
As well as being founder of the eponymous skincare line and private clinic, Franklin is also a nutritionist, so she approaches skin health from a 360-degree perspective. Lisa champions science-backed ingredients that are powered by plants in indulgent formulations – to nurture the skin and achieve results simultaneously.
With a solid track record of helping her clients combat their skin issues, Lisa eschews invasive intervention, such as injectables, in favour of hands-on, targeted facials that boost skin health, immediately and over time. At Lisa Franklin, there is no such thing as “anti-ageing” treatments, the focus is always on healthy ageing and supporting the skin.
I experienced Lisa’s Repair Recover Renew treatment is second to none. Bespoke to your skin type, it combines steaming, manual extraction and rose quartz lymphatic massage to restore vitality in the skin, clear congestion and puffiness – you can also expect an unbeatable glow for days afterwards.
Lisa’s clinically proven skincare line, which boasts a number of clean beauty credentials, utilises biotech to create visible skincare results, and fast. In fact, ever ahead of the curve, Lisa Franklin is the first brand to use rose quartz in its skincare products. Whatever your skin goal, there is a formula to help you achieve it.
The award-winning line is home to five serums that target specific concerns, including rosacea, pigmentation and dehydration. Those seeking to address fine lines and dullness will love No.1 Serum Repair + Protect.

In a nutshell, a great discovery which meets my “no injection” requirements; I would thoroughly recommend a visit to experience the very relaxing and skin efficient Repair Recover Renew facial.
Click on the link button to make your appointment and insert AE10 to get 10% off for the 90 or 120minutes RRR facial treatment with one of their wonderful skin specialist.


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