Semi Permanent Make Up

Enhance your face features

When it comes to semi permanent make up you need the best professional in the field…

Suzanne certainly is the best. When we met she immediately detected which face feature I needed to enhance.

She is a pioneer in the art of micro pigmentation, also known as semi-permanent makeup. Calling on her experience as an international makeup artist she brings unique skills to this field. A thorough consultation is carried out on the day of treatment to ensure that you will get exactly the result you desire. Suzanne will choose colouring to suit your complexion, and design the perfect shape to compliment your face and enhance your natural beauty. Semi-permanent artistry at its very best.

She can do eyebrow enhancement to lift and define brows to frame the eyes and balance the face. Hypo-allergenic pigments are custom blended to create a bespoke colour to compliment your complexion. After mapping out your perfect shape, state-of-the-art digital technology is used to place individual hair strokes just underneath the top layer of the skin. The results can last up to 3 years gradually fading with time.

She also does Eye Liner & Eyelash Enhancement; By brightening the eyes and lengthening the look of the lashes, this treatment strengthens the shape of the eye contour. The subtle use of colour in this treatment makes the eyes appear to sparkle

Finally she also excels at Lip Enhancement; This treatment creates fuller more youthful looking lips. The contour of the lip is redefined using a lip liner and the colour is then shaded onto the lips themselves.  This treatment is perfect for correcting uneven lips and for creating more definition which may be lost with age.

Do ring her or email her for an initial consultation, she has a lovely studio in Notting Hill.


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