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Our homes are an extension of our personality and we should decorate it with thought to how we live day to day so that we end up with a space that is safe and comfortable and works for us and the way we live our lives. Taking on a decorating job in your own home can be incredibly confusing so having a shoulder to lean on who will give impartial advice can be invaluable.

Katherina Saunders will help you choose the right paint and fabric colours for your home. As a consultant, she will get the best of your style using much of what you have and suggest additions to your interiors that may be lacking. She doesn’t take over the interior project, she will advise you. Even the most confident of people can reach a point where they have questions and hesitate to find solutions. After a few hours with her, you will have the confidence to continue the project to fruition yourself.

“Interior styling” is Katherina’s strength. She will coach you to reach your best decisions with wall paint colours, fabrics colours and texture schemes for upholstery and curtains. Her independent advice will help you make your own creative decisions in your home.
A consultation with Katherina involves a visit to your house ranging from a couple of hours, to half a day depending on your requirement.

At the end of the appointment, you will have a comprehensive list of what was discussed. As well as helpful tips and ideas that will allow you to follow the project through to its’ fruition.

A two-hour home visit for a colour consultation costs £240 and £90 per hour thereafter. Katherina will travel to most places in the UK, travel expenses are calculated accordingly.

Read her very informative reviews to get her clients feedback.

3 reviews for Interior Colour Scheme Consultant

  1. S.A in Shropshire

    “I asked Katherina to come and make an appraisal of my house, which has spent the last few years rather un-loved or tended to, with a view to maximising its aesthetic appeal. She did the most wonderful job, taking an overview of the contents and layout of the downstairs space, and then began to pluck an item from one room and put it into another, sometimes doing a direct swap of furniture or rugs, sometimes simply putting an item in a different place. Her ideas are quite simple, but extremely effective, and within a short amount of time, without resorting to expensive additions, (except for a little extra lighting), the house began to take on a much more loved and cared-for feel, with a logical sense of flow, which I never could have achieved without her input. I would highly recommend Katherina’s flare for what looks good, and for making the very most of what you already have sitting in your house, but perhaps not currently showing itself off to its best effect. Book her services now!”
    SA Shropshire July 2020

  2. Camilla B

    ‘I asked Katherina to come an see my home, which I felt was lacking flow, style and generally had become too cluttered.
    We spent a lovely day together, it was hard work as we moved furniture, lamps, cushions, re-hung paintings and pictures and created some beautiful clusters of china and glass.
    My husband surprised me by noticing and commentating on how good the house looked when he returned that evening!
    Katherina brings ideas and practical advice, she guided me to make a few non-expensive changes and we spent time discussing an ongoing project which hugely helped to focus my thoughts and I will be asking her to return to pull this together with me.
    She followed up her visit with a written summary of the changes and plans going forward.

    Camilla B November 2020

  3. Anna R.

    I can’t recommend Katherina Saunders highly enough. She spent a morning with me and after only a few hours she helped me see the house we’ve lived in for eight years with fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm.

    She has the most exceptional ability to walk into any room and within minutes see where a painting or some furniture should be moved, where space isn’t being maximised, where a lamp would brighten the corner of a room or a quick and easy repaint would give a totally different feel to a tired room.

    I loved that Katherina’s advice was so practical, so easy to implement, and so encouraging. I have never felt very confident with interior design but Katherina made it SO MUCH FUN. I thought the process might be quite stressful but Katherina guides you through decisions and choices so beautifully. She’s such a pleasure to spend time with. She also advises based on how you live – not based on creating a show home. As a mother of two children under 7 that was music to my ears.

    Katherina’s solutions were affordable, differentiated, innovative, stylish and have been completely game changing for our house. I will be going back to her for advice time and time again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing an independent eye on their home.

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