Jerome Faillant Dumas-The French Interior Designer

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With a deep rooted French artistic tradition via his Grandfather who was a  painter and his Mother working at the Louvre, combined with his own career, Jerome Faillant Dumas brings us the best France has to offer. Jerome worked at Chanel with Jacques Helleu and then joined Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge where he managed their products, their image, the advertising films and the merchandising.

With all this vast experience under his belt he went to start his own company to dedicate his vision and expertise to more prestigious brands. From there it was only natural for him to mastermind the creation of unique high quality pieces of furniture by founding L.O.V.E editions and to integrate them all in private interior design projects.

We love Jerome’s talent at combining his unique pieces of furniture to create a very elegant, yet liveable interior. I cant wait to redecorate my house with him; in the meantime luckily his furniture is available to buy.

Email him now, he is charming and will be delighted to meet with you and might even show you his house which is the best advocate of his talent.

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