Sell Your Designer Clothes

Easy process to sell designer clothes

The wonderful Antonia Timpany has set up one of the most efficient business I have come across in the recycling of luxury goods.

She came to my house to pick up a pile of my designer clothes I wasn’t wearing anymore and one week later, I was already getting emails warning me of items being sold. I saw one of my leather jacket pictured on instagram worn by a fashion influencer. So nice to see that your loved items have a good after life.

The clever side of her business is that she mixes online and physical shop presence in Chelsea. She also uses actively social median newsletters to sell her new in and makes it look very enticing. She has a photo studio within her office premises: good photos of new items enable her to use the power of social media to sell faster. Last but not least she is very choosy as to what clothes she takes in to sell.

The company was founded in 2009 by Antonia, straight after university. She had a vision to democratise luxury fashion and is powered by her passion to slow down the production of clothing.

Contact her now via Almost Essential to organise a clothes pickup at your home or drop at her shop in Chelsea


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