AE Project Manager Notebook.

“My client recently had a lovely kitchen installed and was at a loss of what to do for the backsplash. I always say to pick the backsplash once the kitchen is installed so we get a good idea of what it looks like and how it sits in the surroundings. I hate it when kitchen companies push you at the initial design stages for this decision. There is no rush. We started with the handles which are a bespoke burnished bronze finish and against the F&B Railings looked really smart. We had a few options for a backsplash, marble, tiles glass etc but I felt that this really needed something a bit more original than that. I researched on line and found this artisan who said he could do any finish.

I got in touch and he sent some samples in post but as it was a new idea I felt it essential to go and visit him and see his working environment and discuss my idea and how he could convert it to a finished product. He is based in the middle of nowhere nestled in a trading estate in a field! I was worried when I pulled up – but really shouldn’t have been. Entering into Quirky Interiors workshop I realised this was a place where someone loved their work and produced amazing pieces combining vintage and quirky using a range of materials. I could have ordered all sorts of things – great bar stools, tables signs, but I managed to stay focused on the job in hand.

We went through my idea and picked the finish that I really wanted and Ieft with great anticipation. The only bit I was worried about was I had to do the template myself but actually it was very straight forward. Two weeks later the backsplash got delivered and installed. The client is over the moon and really feels she’s got something no one else has. And for something so individual the price was well worth it and I now have terrible kitchen envy!”

Nicole Mahal

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