Last Minute Gifts For The Man In Your Life

It always seems to be the case that men are the most difficult to shop for. Whether it’s the husband who insists he has everything he wants, the grown up son who hasn’t given his wish list a second thought or the day who you buy the same gift for, year in and year out. However, have no fear because I’ve put together a list of five last-minute gift ideas for men.

1.Iona Debarge Chic Nightwear for Men

They say men like to give and receive practical gifts, and often overlook chic products and services, that will help them maintain themselves. This nightware set by Iona Debarge is the perfect example. Drawing on her French heritage, Iona designs classics with a contemporary edge, including beautifully crafted pyjamas and dressing gowns for men. Combining modern shapes and playful details with the highest quality, she breathes new life into traditional styles. The result is a really elegant and comfortable nightwear collection to lounge in and of course sleep in. I dare any many not to enjoy the chic comfort of these pyjamas.

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2.Backgammon set-Ebony Wood and Shagreen

We’re all spending a bit more time indoors this Christmas, so this luxury backgammon in ebony and faux shagreen inlays could be the perfect present for Dad. No expense is spared with 2 sets of precision throwing dice, a large doubling cube and two smoked oak shakers that magnetise neatly to the set once the game is over. It is a real pleasure to play on that board and it will make any backgammon amateur really happy!

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3.The Ultimate Cigar Wooden Humidor

Fewer people these days smoke as they used too, but Cigars still remain popular on special occasions and times of celebration. If you know someone who likes to cut a cigar at Christmas, then why not give them this luxurious cigar humidor. Whether you stand it up or lie it down, it will look absolutely stunning on your recipients desk. It is made of Royal Ebony or Tamo Ash and is internally lined with Spanish Cedar wood. There is a Cigar Spa humidification system to maintain the optimum moisture and atmosphere for your cigar storage. Either wood are very beautiful, choose according to where it will go. This is a really beautiful and ultimate spoiling present for the cigar connoisseur in your life.

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4.Classic Range of Cufflinks-Augustine Jewels

Many men could do with a bit of help when it comes to dressing smart and sharp. So, Alexandra Robson’s range of luxury cufflinks and shirt studs could be just the ticket. Exquisitely designed with hand-selected gemstones, set in silver or gold, these really are the perfect fashion accessory for men of all ages. If you’re looking to personalise your gift, then you can even engrave his initials at the other end of the cufflink. Go to their website to browse the entire collection and insert code ALMOST to get 10% off.

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5.Wine Selection by Wines Experts

Who doesn’t enjoy a good glass of wine. Well with this gift you can surprise him with some of the most special declassified wines from the top French wine regions. I recommend you go and take a look at David Campbell (Everyman’s Library founder) and Esme Johnstone (Majestic Wines Founder) website, which offers a small range of carefully selected delicious drinking wines, imported directly from the wine producers in France, Italy and Spain at an excellent price. Dad, Grandad, Husband, Brother will have no complaints with any of the wines here …

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If you would like to shop more Christmas gifts for me, take a look at the dedicated area of our website here.