Lucie Azari

Unique and whimsical

I was thrilled to discover Lucie Azari, a young independent French designer offering a different approach to tailoring, traditional yet progressive, timeless yet distinctive, effortless yet sophisticated. Epitome of artisanship, her work displays rare, one-of-a-kind pieces merging handwoven tweeds, delicate silks, and art prints, creating a unique dance of contrasts. A reverence for the past, entwined with an exploration of the future. A quest to create meaningful beauty from organic raw materials.

I loved visiting her  boutique, nestled at the heart of Chelsea, on the iconic Walton Street where you totally immerse yourself in the world of contemporary made-to-measure tailoring. With immaculate craftsmanship, the designs are handmade in London, celebrating British savoir-faire, using the finest organic cloth and local artisanal materials, such as Scottish handwoven Harris Tweed or the iconic world-class handworked wool Fox Brothers & Co.

Don’t hesitate to go and visit her, she will be delighted to welcome you to her enchanted boutique. She offers a bespoke serviced loves discussing ideas. What’s App her on +447845534224 to make an appointment or email her  Here

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