Lucie Azari


Born in 1997, Lucie Azari is an independent French designer offering a different approach to tailoring, traditional yet progressive, timeless yet distinctive, effortless yet sophisticated. Epitome of artisanship, her work displays rare, one-of-a-kind pieces merging handwoven tweeds, delicate silks, and art prints, creating a unique dance of contrasts. A reverence for the past, entwined with an exploration of the future. A quest to create meaningful beauty from organic raw materials.



How she defines her label:

• Timeless designs: Belief in creating garments that are enduring, allowing them to be cherished and worn for years, resulting in
future heirloom with different owners and different lives.
• Commitment to pure materials: Ensuring that each fabric respects both the environment and its wearer. The avoidance of non-
biodegradable or synthetic materials underscores a dedication to the earth’s well-being.
• Partnership with integrity: Collaborations exclusively with certified British and French producers, ensuring that materials are of the highest organic quality.
• Design philosophy: A strong emphasis on avoiding harmful chemicals commonly used in the apparel industry, protecting both
the environment and consumers.
• Cruelty-free assurance: Lucie Azari’s collections feature cruelty-free cloths. The materials come from well-treated animals,
ensuring no harm in the production process.
• Lifetime care: The brand encourages a culture of reuse and repair, promising support in maintaining your garments for years,
emphasising their dedication to minimising waste.
In essence, Lucie Azari’s brand seamlessly weaves luxury, comfort, and conscientious design, delivering meaningful and lasting
pieces for those valuing art and nature.
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