Giulia Barela Jewellery

Sculptural and Ethereal

Giulia Barela Jewellery’s creations are wearable sculptures created by the Italian designer Giulia Barela in her atelier in Rome. Her creations combine traditional craftsmanship and contemporary shapes which make each piece very unique in its style. She loves to play with shapes but yet the pieces are very light.

Designed and sculpted by the designer herself, each piece is handmade in Italy using the traditional lost-wax casting technique. The jewelry is crafted in 24 carat gold plated bronze, black rhodium plated bronze or silver.
“My jewels are wearable sculptures I create giving a tangible
shape to my emotions and thoughts, imagining the person
who will wear them adding their personal story”. (Giulia Barela)

Michelle’s comments

I immediately got attracted by the uniqueness of Giulia’s creations. You can feel that each collection has a story which will appeal to the individual emotion and aesthetic taste.

Click on the website link to browse her collection.


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