Boho Chic Jewellery by Clarissa Bronfman

The jewellery with a spiritual meaning

I fell in love with Clarissa Bronfman jewellery range of really cool and unique pieces. By first creating pieces only for her close friends and family, Clarissa Bronfman eventually expanded, designing each one of a kind piece to promote peace, protection, love, and tolerance in the life of the wearer. Each whimsical talisman is handcrafted in the United States, where Clarissa Bronfman oversees the production process from start to finish. Every delicate piece is carefully accented with precious and semi precious stones and will surely be considered an heirloom to the lucky wearer of her jewellery.

Clarissa Bronfman creativity and artistic sense is reflecting in the way she beautifully puts together all these charms to create the most stunning necklaces. I also love her range of all different bracelets. One of them would be the perfect present, you can personalise it for your best friend or daughter with the words which remind you of her in solid 14k gold.

Some of her pieces are really beautiful and thoughtful Love treats, my 3 favourites have to be the bracelet where you add the words of your choice, the love charm either in diamonds or coloured stone.

A truly unique collection of boho chic jewellery for you to discover. Her signature charm necklaces have 9 small charms + the big top and pendant ones; depending on the choice of stones price start at $7,500. They can be worn in many different ways and are perfect for Summer travel. The bead necklaces start at $5,500.

Clarissa Bronfman is based in NYC but her pieces are dispatched all around the world; Click on the Buy Button  to check her very inspiring website; Please register with us beforehand or contact for more help.

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  1. A.L.

    I just received the jewellery pieces I ordered through Almost Essential. They are splendid, Simply beautiful. THANK YOU, I am so happy. A.L

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