The PA finder, Diana

Diana will find you the PA to fit your needs.

Finding a good full time or part time PA is not easy. Luckily we found Diana who will literally bend over backwards to find your ideal PA.

Diana has many years of experience in recruiting private PAs and understands the concept of service. She has built her own recruiting company and has put together a very comprehensive database including many different types of PA’s.

What I like about Diana is that she is able to relate to the busy lifestyle and demands of High Net Worth individuals or families with several children, busy travel schedules and several houses to manage for example.

As a result, it doesn’t matter how difficult your brief might be, she will find the right person to fit your lifestyle.

Her fee is very reasonable and will vary with the brief.

As result of the lockdown situation, rather than wanting to employ full time PAs or EAs, a few of their clients have asked them to provide them with short term VAs to work remotely and help them navigate being disconnected from their office, colleagues or family members. The needs of lots of people have suddenly and unexpectedly changed and VAs can help in a number of ways:
– Arranging online learning for children out of school
– Setting up the logistics and technicalities of facilitating a team to work from home
– Sourcing houses to rent for anyone looking to get out of London
– Managing property and tenants and dealing with issues around COVID-19 related late payments
– Organising food shopping and family logistics
Contact them via Almost Essential for more info.

1 review for The PA finder, Diana

  1. Simone

    ”We have benefited enormously from Chloe’s help. Every so often you come across that special company where you can talk easily to the staff and where you can make request big or small.They genuinely care, are honest and friendly.”

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