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Holistic understanding of the London property market

Will Watson has specialised in the London property market since 2001. He built up his real estate expertise as a selling agent in Central London with London prominent estate agents. Will specialised in the super prime real estate markets selling properties including both flats and houses in prime central London.

In 2014, Will decided his skills were better suited to being a buying agent and wanted to advise on  his clients on buying property as opposed to selling for them. He joined Middleton Advisors to open their London real estate practice before joining TBS in January 2019.

During his buying career, Will has built a reputation as being one of the London “go-to” buying agents in the prime and super prime real estate markets. His clients really value his warm personal style which always has their best interests at heart and these characteristics have also allowed him to establish truly trusting relationships with both selling agents and industry real estate professionals. This, together with his holistic understanding of the London property market, ensures that he is best placed to provide clients with access to property off-market opportunities and deliver uniquely informed advice.

He recently joined The Buying Solution as one of their main 7 partners focussing on the London property market.

The Buying Solution was formed in 2004 as Knight Frank’s independent buying consultancy. The Buying Solution have three strategically placed offices one in London, Newbury and Kingham.

I would thoroughly recommend Will as his in depth knowledge of the London market is well founded and his objective advice is refreshing.  You can entrust him with helping you in making one of the key decisions in your life which is to buy a home.


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