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Johnny Yorke started his company, Thirsk Automotive, in 2004 and has built up a thriving business with a wide range of clients. His loyal clientele is a tribute to his true love of cars and the impeccable service and undivided attention he gives to his clients.
They are specialist car buyers and acquire cars for clients ranging from small cars for learner drivers up to top of the range modern Sports Cars and Classic Cars.They also offer a bespoke management service for clients and look after a number of car collections.
Before starting his own company, he worked for various main dealers and specialists including Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Saab, Subaru, Volvo and VW/Audi.

His company provides a bespoke service sourcing from its contacts throughout the UK, all types of both modern and classic cars for clients from Minis to Rolls-Royces, Motorcycles and Commercial Vehicles.

Their main services include:

− Buying and selling cars: providing a service to ensure clients get the right car to their exact specification at the right price. Full checks are made for accident damage, outstanding finance and vehicle history.
− Repairs: anything from minor parking scuffs to full resprays and accident damage.
− Advice on servicing and maintenance: referrals to reliable garages either locally or nationwide.
− Disposal of old cars: we can find a home for pretty much any car, including MOT failures and accident damaged vehicles for the best possible price.

Their aim is to ensure that you get a professional service which saves you time and money, in an industry where the providers are not always the most reliable.

Johnny Yorke will be delighted to hear from you and chat about your requirements.


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