Francesca, Property Finder

Years of experience

Known to people in the know as a highly discreet yet powerful force in the property world in prime central London, Francesca has built, in the last 25 years, a top real estate business, concentrating on the high end international and Uk based clientele. Over the years, Francesca has built a very deep knowledge of the market as well as a reputation for one of the most professional, well connected and hard working brokers, selling hundreds of properties. Her business is only based on word of mouth and referral from other clients, which testifies to the quality of her work.

Having started on her own, Francesca can now rely on a team of 10 brokers whom she has carefully selected and who come with  between 10 and 20 years  experience in the business.

Francesca and her team offer a very taylormade service to suit each client’s needs. One of their main competitive advantages is the visibility and credibility they have gained over such a long period of time within the estate agents’ community as well as her extensive off-market contacts reach. Francesca is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and French.


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