The Best Beauty Advice -The Editor’s List

Bye Bye January. It’s staying lighter slightly longer and its socially acceptable to have a couple of drinks. February can be gloomy too but hey it’s a leap year so only 28 days to endure. Why am I so annoyingly perky? Well I have a new business launching this month that I’m super excited to share with you.

The Editor’s List is a beauty concierge service that connects people to the world’s top cosmetic doctors, derms and surgeons. If you’re planning to do any cosmetic self-improvements this year this is definitely something you need to know about. I sprung on the idea when I was sitting at the bedside of my heavily bandaged friend and former colleague Fiona Golfar, (former editor at large of British Vogue), who was recovering from a neck lift that I’d arranged for her by another friend of mine, London’s leading cosmetic surgeon Rajiv Grover.
Fiona is just one of the many people that call/email/text/DM me pretty much round the clock for beauty advice, “Liv who is the best hair colourist for Blondes in London?” They ask. “Do you think face lift surgeons in New York are better than ones in London?” They want to know. “Who does your Botox Liv, can you introduce me to your doctor?” That’s pretty straightforward. “My friend has just had twins, can you recommend for a full mummy makeover (tits and tum).” Not so straightforward. “Liv what top three things to rejuvenate tired, grey January skin?” In the spirit of sharing I’ll enlighten you with this one – Hands down the best things I’ve tried recently are:
1. M22 laser (from £595 at a combination of rejuvenating IPL (intense Pulsed Light) that works on reducing redness and pigmentation and ND YAG laser that works to resurface skin and boost collagen production below, its like putting a light bulb under your skin.
2. Profhilo (from £1,000 a newish injectable hyaluronic acid gel that differs from traditional filler in that its not a targeted plump but instead is injected into five points around the side of the face to diffuse hydration, remodels collagen and improve the quality of skin (its brilliant for first signs of crepey-ness.
3. The budget solution – Bobbi Brown’s Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15 (£31 Bobbi, is the most flawless camouflage that hydrates skin, and stays put all day.

Phew! As you can see, answering all these questions was becoming a full time job for me, so I decided to capitalize on my vast wealth of experience (I was Tatler’s Beauty Director for 10 years and spend an unhealthy amount of time striding down Harley street, hopping around Park Avenue clinics, and slipping into Rodeo Drive dermatologists, scrutinizing all manner of anti-ageing experts). Indeed these people are my life, I eat dinner with them, holiday with them; some are godparents to my children. The Editor’s list therefore takes a very personal approach to taking the stress and trauma out of finding you the best of the best for your particular concern. I’m here to hold your hand, listen, ask the questions you may not think to ask. My aim? To help you achieve all your beauty goals in the safest, most effective and efficient way possible.

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