How to encourage children to keep learning over the summer holidays?

So it’s lovely and hot, there are blue skies and we’re rapidly heading towards the end of the academic year. How can you encourage your child to keep learning over the summer holidays?

Head outdoors

It sounds obvious but when we get a break many of us tend to head straight for the why not make the most of this lovely weather and head into the great outdoors? Many students will be itching to get out of their classrooms and into the wild. Getting some exercise and being surrounded by nature will be a great refresher. There are lots of cross curricular ways to learn through science, history, art and sport to name a few. The activities for kids, teens and families section in Culture Whisper is a great place to start looking for inspiration.

Keep it relaxed

Most importantly, keep learning relaxed, fun and stress free this summer. Students will need to feel calm and enthused when school resumes, especially if they have an exam year coming up. Try to incorporate play as much as possible into their learning. The majority of museums in London have fantastic free resources for children which encourage them to interact with the exhibits and learn new things at the same time.

Encourage their hobbies

The summer months are a great time to nurture any hobbies students may have. Again this is about combining play, exploration and learning as much as possible. Who knows, maybe you have the next prima ballerina or, dare we say it, hard rock drummer in your household? Encouraging your child’s hobbies will give them an outlet and a focus away from their school life which will create a good life balance.

Whatever your plans this summer we hope you have a relaxing end to the academic year and if you need us, we’ll be here!
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